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The Vaughn Law Offices provides legal services with a commitment to excellence. We remain dedicated to providing the best possible representation in state, federal and tribal courts.

We continue to live by our core values of: honesty, integrity, mercy, humility and justice.


Recent Events:

The Vaughn Law Offices is pleased to announce that Justin Vaughn has been awarded the recognition of "Best of the Best" among personal injury attorneys for the third year in a row, and "Best of the Best" among lawyers for twelve years running.


Voted "Best of the Best" among Attorneys

The attorneys and staff at the Vaughn Law Offices are committed to excellence. Our firm strives not just to meet, but to exceed our clients' needs and expectations on a daily basis, working hard to reach the best resolution possible. We uphold the highest level of professionalism and legal ethics and have established our reputation on outstanding service and commitment.

We have been honored to be voted "Best of the Best" among attorneys for ten years running, and "Best of the Best" among injury lawyers for two years running, per Market Surveys of America. We look forward to helping you.

Please Visit our Denver Personal Injury Law site for those in the Denver, Colorado area.

About Justin Vaughn

Justin G. Vaughn, founder of the firm, is ten time Award Winner of "Best of the Best" among attorneys, and was just selected again as "Best of the Best" among injury attorneys. He has also been Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year, a Rotary President, and Philanthropist of the Year. He has successfully litigated cases and handled matters in state, federal and tribal courts for 18 years.

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What are your legal needs?

Our office has substantial attorney litigation experience in all insurance matters. For fifteen years, we have been hired as lawyers to represent major insurance companies on many large cases. This has given us substantial knowledge and experience in insurance coverage and claims. Contact us at any time for answers to your questions.

The Vaughn Law Offices has over 25 years of experience pursuing claims for injured persons. Our experience includes automobile accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, medical malpractice, defective products, dog bites, and wrongful deaths. If you have had any type of accident, contact us for a free consultation.

Our office has handled complex litigation for local, national, and multinational corporations. Such litigation has included breach of contract cases, nonconforming goods, and failure to render payments or performance. The Vaughn Law Offices has also handled many incorporations for new businesses, as well as mergers, partnership agreements, and dissolutions. Feel free to contact us for any corporate or commercial inquiries.

The Vaughn Law Offices has over 15 years of experience in estate planning and probate matters. We have handled many probate litigation matters. We do our best to try to advise our clients so that litigation is not necessary. Unfortunately, there are often conflicts with estates, or problems with documents, such that litigation is unavoidable. In all such matters, please feel free to contact us to help with the final arrangements concerning you and your loved ones.

  • Divorce and Custody

Divorce and custody are challenging areas of law. Anxiety can be quite high, as control of your future is placed in the hands of a judge, typically a total stranger. The system can be complex, causing additional stress and uncertainty. Our goal is to help our client to understand the process, the judge, and their future. We focus on techniques to help you cope with any struggles both within and outside the court system. We have experience in all areas of divorce and custody, and we have helped many hundreds of people live better lives.

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