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Business Services

We provide services for the entirety of the life of a business, from formation to destination.

As an entrepreneur himself, and having worked with entrepreneurs for many years, Justin Vaughn knows what is involved in forming and running a business. Justin is recognized throughout the corporate, investment, and entrepreneurial communities for his business acumen and his legal skills.

Serving entrepreneurs means understanding the business and the owner’s objectives. Your interests warrant attention to legal developments that will impact your success. We work with you to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions to any problem. We bring agility and insight to help you overcome obstacles, build protective strategies, and persevere toward your desired outcome.

Inception to Success

Our team represents emerging and growth businesses from inception through public offering or acquisition.

We assist you as we:

  • Form the entity, establish its governance structure, develop shareholder agreements, and structure subsidiary entities
  • Arrange to protect and license intellectual property
  • Establish employment, consulting, and contractor agreements
  • Define equity interests and develop executive compensation plans
  • Manage substantial employee challenges
  • Negotiate, draft, and enforce contracts
  • Obtain financing, including private, public, and venture capital sources
  • Assist with compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • Structure strategic alliances, including affiliate, distributorship, franchise, licensee, or joint venture relationships
  • Pursue mergers and acquisitions
  • Develop exit strategies and family transitions

Because even small decisions at the formative stages can make a big difference as your company grows, our team provides counsel right from the start to minimize later challenges.

You have a vision for your business and its position in the marketplace. You also realize that each stage of your company’s development requires different tactics and strategies. We take all of these factors into account as we help you succeed. We are privileged to develop long-term business relationships with business owners, a dynamic we expect to sustain for many years to come.