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Our firm strongly believes an charitable causes. Over the years, we have supported and served on the boards of Make A Wish, United Way, Boys and Girls Club, Rotary, ARC, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, and many others.  In fact, our founder, Justin Vaughn, was one selected as philanthropist of the year.

There are many ways in which to support charitable causes.  One way as to include charitable contributions within your estate planning. You can set aside a certain amount, or percentage of your estate, to be left to charity. Another is to make a charity the direct beneficiary of your accounts, or a particular asset. If you have questions in this regard, feel free to call us.

Additionally, many people choose to establish a charitable trust. Such trusts are used to convert capital gains exposure into a charitable contribution. A typical scenario might look like this: Bob owns a business that has increased in value, and he is ready to sell his business. Before taking any further action to identify a buyer, he places the business into a charitable trust. He then works with the charity to sell the business as an asset of the trust. He agrees that a portion of the money will go to charity, while a separate portion would go to him, his spouse, or his descendants. This can be established as a charitable leads trust, where payments go to charity and the balance goes to his family, or a charitable remainder trust, where payments are made to Bob or his family over time, and the balance goes to charity. The main advantage is that capital gains are avoided due to the tax exemption for the charity. While there is some income tax exposure, the charitable donation helps the overall tax situation.  In the end, a substantial charitable donation is made, while still providing monies for Bob and/or his family.

Such efforts are fairly involved, but they are warranted where significant capital gains exposure exists. If you have questions about such issues or wish to discuss them further, please contact our office.

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We at The Vaughn Law Offices are committed to supporting local causes and area charities and nonprofits because of the critical and important work they do to help those in need. The following are some of the organizations with which we are affiliated, highlighting their valuable contributions to the Denver community.


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