Privacy and Social Media in the Workplace

Social media is becoming more prevalent each year, both in and out of the workplace.  People are engaging in Tweeting and Facebooking, directed toward the public and specific persons.  Social media involves making of statements, posting of photographs, sharing of information, and re-posting of items submitted by others.  As a result, social media poses a constant and significant impact on the workplace, ranging from ill-conceived comments to criminal harassment and cyber stalking.

The workplace impacts of social media are numerous.  The implications which are widely evolving in employment law include sexual harassment claims, NLRB administrative complaints, arguments concerning privacy rights, litigation over the discovery of social media, and the implementation of social media workplace policies.

Download this valuable resource to learn about:

  1. Social media and sexual harassment claims
  2. Social media and the NLRB
  3. Social media and privacy rights
  4. Social media and discovery
  5. Social media and workplace policies

Privacy and Social Media in the Workplace:


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